This time of year there is very little nectar available for the bees, so I have been feeding them a homemade version, which is one part water and one part sugar. This makes sugar syrup, and the girls are devouring it. At the peak of their hunger, I have been going through nearly 100 pounds of sugar a week for the 3 hives!

This is also the time of year when mites can start building their population. I recently tested for mites, and although the hives have them present, they are at low enough levels that I do not need to treat them. I will continue to test, as this can change at anytime.

The population of a beehive declines as we head toward winter, and all the females will soon be kicking the boys out of the hive to die. Male bees, drones, do not help with duties around the hive and only eat the food stores needed to survive the winter, so the girls force them out! This is a strategy humans should consider. Boys, either help out around the house, or your butt gets kicked out!

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