If I had to pick the top fallacy in the fitness world it would be “cardio”.  Cardiovascular exercise is often proclaimed as one of the best way to burn fat. It also has been said to improve the strength of your heart and lungs, reduce stress, and help you sleep better. Is all of this true?

Yes, this is all true. So what is the fallacy?  The fallacy is that most people are not doing cardio.  Go into any gym and you will see people on a bike or treadmill casually reading a book, chit-chatting with the person next to them, or just drifting off in a daydream.  This is not cardio.

Cardio is gasping for air simply to finish one sentence.  Cardio is telling the person next to you “I will talk later” because is too hard to carry on a conversation.  A daydream during cardio is better described as a nightmare, because you are reasonably uncomfortable and want it to end.   There is nothing casual about cardio.

To make sure you are at the correct intensity, use the Karvonen method (Google it) to determine your heart rate and then exercise in the 75-85% range.

Kathy Dubbs does cardio between sets! 61 years old and 2 total knee replacements, yet she busts out 5 minute cardio intervals on the bike at level 3, 75+ rpm.  Here is what is looks like…

She is uncomfortable and often tells me “I hate you!” But that is not really how she feels….

“My Dr. is beyond thrilled with my weight loss and progress towards a much healthier life!  She said she was blown away that I can easily walk a mile and am signed up for my 5K in July.  My blood pressure was way too low today; what a great problem to have! She said I have to monitor at home as she may have to reduce last remaining med as well soon!

I cannot thank you enough Doug for your professionalism and knowledge and for staying on my ass and keeping it real. I am so happy right now! If you and Patty were here right now I’d give you both a great big hug of gratitude!”

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