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Okay, us “Westerners” need an open mind for this one.  An estimated 10,000 dogs and cats are estimated to be eaten during a 10-day long dog meat festival in Yulin, China.

The consumption of dog meat dates back more than 500 years in many parts of the world.   Residents and vendors to the festival say that the animals are killed in a humane manner, but those opposed to the festival of course say the opposite.  Selling of dog meat for human consumption is legal in China, and an estimated 10 million dogs are harvested each year.

While the festival is a source of pride for many, published polls of the Chinese show that 64% of those 16-50 years old, would support an end to the festival, with almost 70% of Yulin residents saying they never tried dog meat.  Many activist groups rescued dogs from slaughterhouses just a day ahead of the festival.

The biggest opposition came from cows, pigs, goats, lambs, fish, chickens and turkeys who are reported to suffer greater losses with no activist groups rescuing them from Chinese slaughterhouses.


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