The bees are extremely busy right now.  They are storing a lot of pollen right now, which somehow sends the message to the queen to lay eggs.  The population of the hives will grow rapidly and I need to keep a close eye on overcrowding.  If the bees ever feel crowded, half the hive can leave in a swarm…this is bad.

It looks like the bees did not eat all the stored honey left to them over the winter, so I hope to get a spring honey harvest.  I will be having the county bee inspector looking at my hives soon and giving me guidance on this and other topics.  One thing you learn with beekeeping very early…if there are 10 beekeepers in a room, there are 10 different opinions on what to do.  It seems to be an art, and I am more of a black and white kinda guy, which makes it a learning process.

The picture above shows what brood is.  Brood is the maturing larvae that is capped over.  If you look closely you can see larvae that is not capped over (toward the lower middle/right side of photo).  It has a pearly white creature in the cell…that is a larvae!  The queen lays and egg, then in about 21 days it is a hatching bee.  A queen can lay 1000+ eggs a day.  Now do you see how overcrowding can occur?

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