At Sensible Fitness, we have often spotlighted the sugar that are added into foods.  This added sugar becomes the enemy of weight loss, because of its high quantity in what some would think are reasonably healthy foods, like blueberry muffins.

When blueberry muffins were looked at by Action on Sugar and the Obesity Health Alliance, they found a blueberry muffin can have up to 8 teaspoons of sugar.  This is a full day’s worth of sugar.  They also found big variations between muffins sold in supermarkets, and those in convenience stores which had much more sugar.  A blueberry muffin can have as much sugar as a chocolate bar!

Part of the problem is that food labeling can sometimes be lacking at times.  Reading a food label is a mandatory part of a healthy lifestyle, as you simply cannot trust food manufactures.  If something is labeled as “healthy”, this is a warning sign to read the ingredients and confirm.

There are muffins that can have under 20 grams of sugar, which is not bad.  Remember that some foods naturally have sugars, like blueberries, but it is the added sugar that really needs to be watched.

Muffins will not help weight loss

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