Trevor lost 90 pounds

Trevor had been living a sedentary lifestyle when he came to Sensible Fitness.  He habitually enjoyed many of the “usual’s” such as soda, junk food, and eating out.  He also had very little physical activity.  Like many people, he got moderate activity such as walking or lifting while at work, but lacked real exercise in his life.

Trevor came to Sensible Fitness and starting working out twice a week.  Gradually, we started working with Trevor to implement healthier eating habits into his routine.  We eliminated soda, and when that became a habit for him, we started visiting about healthier food choices when he would normally reach for junk food.  At this time, we were also coaching him on better choices when eating out at restaurants.  And of course, portion control is something anyone concerned with weight loss, needs to pay attention to.

Trevor had extraordinary results by simply sticking the basics.  He did not have a crazy, freaky exercise program with us.  He had a sensible one that addressed added muscle tone to increase his metabolism, with bouts of cardiovascular exercise mixed in to keep his heart rate up.  Being committed to his goal, Trevor also walked an additional 20 minutes after each of his 55 minute workouts.  Trevor’s nutrition program was not strict.  He did not eat tree bark and bean sprouts, as our approach is not to deprive people of food, or have them follow trendy diets.  Trevor enjoys a variety of foods that he likes.

Trevor is a testament to the huge changes a person can make by committing themselves to changing their lifestyle.  He turned to Sensible Fitness for the added guidance and accountability that a trainer offers, but the amazing discipline and commitment he displayed is what won the battle against the 110 pounds he lost.  The battle against yourself is usually the biggest battle in changing one’s lifestyle.

Trevor is a huge inspiration to the clientele at Sensible Fitness who have witnessed his empowering transformation.  And when you ask Trevor if it was hard, he will say “changing my lifestyle was tough, but now that it is a habit, it comes pretty easy”.