Springtime in the apiary is a busy time.  If you remember, last year I lost multiple hives, which I think was from hives that swarmed and did not produce a queen to keep the colony going.  The good news from that was that I took all the honey from the hives that died…and gave it all to my clients for Christmas.  The bad news, is that I am starting over this year with two new hives, and one old hive that survived the winter.

The two new hives are doing well.  Not much to do with them, except make sure the queens are laying eggs, and they are in both hives.  A beekeeper will make weekly inspections to make sure that they do not out grow their space.  When things get crowded a new box (layer) is added so that they have more room for the queen to lay eggs, and to store honey.  Inspections also insure that pests are not invading the hive.

With the old hive, once again my bees swarmed, and they did not produce a queen, so I introduced a new queen just days ago.  I now wait a few days and see if there are eggs being laid.  If so, great.  If not, that means the bees did not accept the new queen and probably killed her.  My fingers are crossed.

This is the time of year when nectar is plentiful and the bees will be making a lot of honey.  As the blooms and blossoms slow down in June/July, honey production will decrease.  So my job now is to make sure they have plenty of bees (a queen laying lots of eggs), and lots of room to store the honey in the hive.

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