healthy senior citizens

It’s hard to believe that we are beginning our sixth year training with Doug.  As we began to get older, we often talked about really needing to get serious about exercising…and then a few weeks later, we would have the same conversation again.  I discovered Doug’s Sensible Fitness program on TV and was impressed with his knowledge and approach so I called one afternoon and left a message.  I was surprised to hear from Doug only a short while later.  I set up our appointments, had our evaluations and photos, and there was no turning back.  We couldn’t have made a better choice.

Warren and I didn’t have specific obstacles to overcome or injuries to rehab.  We just wanted to do what we could to maintain our health and fitness and keep old age at bay for as long as we could.  Doug and the Sensible Fitness team have provided us with the encouragement and gentle prodding to keep us coming back for more.  Every work out is different and most exercises work on a combination of strength, balance, cardio and flexibility.  Warren is happy that he can exercise to his 50’s rock and roll (most of the time) and that Doug and Patty don’t take his complaints too seriously.  We both feel lucky to have found this gym and these trainers.  Sensible Fitness is our insurance policy for energetic 70’s and beyond.