Sensible Fitness, in conjunction with my wife, changed my life.  My wife gave me 10 sessions at Sensible Fitness.  She knew that I needed to be healthier and more active, but that I was intimidated by the large, glossy gyms featured on TV ads with strong-looking men and women working out.  So she did some research, visited Sensible Fitness and decided that this would be a place where I’d be comfortable.  She was right.

When your wife buys you 10 sessions with a personal trainer, you can’t just “wear it once” and put it away in your closet like the gift of a tie or shirt you don’t really like.  Worse yet, I was afraid that SF’s personal trainers would just be frustrated Army drill sergeants who sadistically satisfy some inner need to make their clients suffer.  So I was prepared for the worst at my first visit to SF, but that wasn’t what I encountered.  I told them that I was a “mush ball” and that they had to work with me from where I was, and move me forward from there.  And that’s exactly what they did, not only without any judgment or disapproval on their part, but marc cincinnati successactually with genuine support and enthusiasm for MY improvement and MY needs, not theirs.

I found I felt a new energy as I drove to work following my sessions.  My 10 “gift” sessions turned into a total of eight months of training. In the middle of all that fell my annual physical which reflected both improved blood pressure numbers and a drop in my cholesterol of 30 points.  So life wasn’t just good, it was getting better. I knew I was getting stronger from the weights added to my bench press and other exercises, and I found that even my shirts fit me better. Besides that, the camaraderie with the trainers and other clients whose schedules overlapped mine made the morning sessions even more enjoyable.

I’ve since “graduated” from SF and moved to one of those “glossy gyms” where I’m so focused on my own fitness routine that I don’t really care what the other people there think or do.  I’m grateful to Sensible Fitness for all they have done for me.

Marc Krass

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