You may not maintain substantial weight loss goals with only a diet, an exercise program, or a personal trainer.  The reason for this is that substantial change needs a substantial lifestyle change.  Going to the gym for 3 hours a week will help tremendously, but it is still less than 3% of the time in a week.  Depending on your current condition and the goal you have established, this may not be enough.  Active rest should be a part of your lifestyle to help reach and maintain goals.

What is active rest?  If you have pushed yourself at the gym a few times, or had some other strenuous task that challenged your muscles, it is good to give them a break, but that does not require complete bed rest.  Active rest simply means engaging in an activity that will not strain your muscles (give them a rest), yet get you moving and often help clear the mind.

There are many activities that could be considered active rest.  Walking, hiking, kayaking, biking, dancing, yoga, golf, and martial arts are just a few.

Sensible Fitness is dedicated to embracing all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  In addition to your quality time with a personal trainer, we also are continually posting new recipes and have also started lending out equipment to active Sensible Fitness clients who wish to get moving and have some fun.

Here are some things that you can borrow…

active rest equipment

If interested in any of these, just let Doug know and we can work out details!


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