You are burning calories from the time you get up every day.

Let’s say you are an avid exerciser and remain active all day. At day’s end what has burned the most calories?

Does the answer change if you live a sedentary life and only walked to the couch to watch the rebroadcast of Iowa demolishing Ohio State in football?  If so, what has burned the most calories at the end of the day for this person?


Whether you are an avid exerciser and live an active lifestyle, or are a sedentary individual, the answer is the same!

Your resting metabolism will burn more calories on a day to day basis than any exercise program or activity ever will. Your resting metabolism is the calories burned to support life….breathing, digestion, heart pumping, healing, etc., etc..

Some facts about metabolism….
1. Overweight people have a slow metabolism. Wrong. Actually because of their increased mass, they can have a higher metabolism.

2. A slow metabolism is the cause for being overweight. Wrong. While there are very rare cases of metabolic disorders that could be the cause, lifestyle choices are what makes most people overweight. Genetics and some medications can also contribute.

3. Weight training to increase your muscle tone and mass will increase your metabolism. While not many calories are needed to keep fat “alive”, muscles are hungry for calories to keep themselves sustained. If your increased muscle tone only burns a measly 50 calories a day, that adds up to over 18,000 calories a year, the equivalent of over 5 pound of fat per year.

If you are trying to lose weight, calorie reduction and cardio will have the quickest results, while weight training will provide the biggest benefit for the long-term.

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