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No matter how cold it gets this winter, the inside of the Sensible Fitness beehives will stay 92 degrees.  All the bees form a cluster around the queen and flap their wings to keep heat generated.

And during the whole winter season, not a single bees will go to the bathroom in the hive.  But when the weather gets warmer, stay away from the hive as the bees take a “cleansing flight” and release everything they have been holding inside!

bee hive entrance

Wintertime preparation includes wrapping the hive in tar paper to help with keeping the hive warm, and also putting a fence around the hives to serve as a wind break.  The size of the entrance to the hive is also reduced to help keep the heat in and a mesh is put across it to prevent mice from making the warm hive a home for the winter.  Circulation must be maintained though.  With it being sub-zero at times outside, and 92 degrees inside, condensation is the enemy as it can drip down on the bees and this would cause them to get too cold and die.

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