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doug gibson trainer

Doug Gibson, Owner
Physical Therapy Professional


Doug Gibson is the owner and cornerstone of the Sensible Fitness staff.  He has been in the health and fitness industry since the 80s, and has an incomparable combination of education and experience as a Physical Therapy professional.  Having years of experience exercising with patients in a clinical setting, clients are comforted knowing that Doug establishes all the protocols used at Sensible Fitness in order to maximize both their effectiveness and safety.  He is an expert in the field and a person that many branches of media turn to including multiple television networks and Newsweek magazine.

A 17-time bodybuilding champion, including Mr. Ohio, does not mean that Doug will turn you into a muscle bound freak.  What it does mean is that he is an expert at preserving your muscle tone, while getting rid of your fat…sounds pretty good right?

Doug is responsible for all aspects of his television program that has been airing since 1997.  The program, Sensible Fitness, is a 3-time winner for best education television program at the annual Blue Chip Awards, here in Cincinnati.  In this program, his knowledge of human anatomy and lifestyle change is shared with hundreds of thousands in the tri-state area.  Doug has trained multiple Olympic athletes including the two Gold Medalists in gymnastics from Cincinnati, Amanda Borden and Jaycie Phelps.  He has been an exercise consultant for the Jewish Hospital Weight Management Center and has had numerous public speaking engagements, something he still does today.

Doug has built a team of medical professionals to surround the Sensible Fitness staff, and they can be seen below.

Mr.Ohio Mr. Ohio
Mr. Cincinnati



DirkDr. Dirk Pruis
Orthopedic Surgeon

“As an orthopedic surgeon, I am keenly aware of the potential for injury that comes with improper exercise.  I have found all the trainers at Sensible Fitness to be outstanding in their attention to proper training techniques, their independent concern for each client, and a tremendous positive attitude towards improving health and fitness.   Kudos to Doug and his staff at Sensible Fitness”

DrDan11Dr. Dan Walters
Family Practice

“Sensible Fitness has earned my trust with their scientific and medically approved approach.  They are extremely knowledgeable about orthopedic issues, and have successfully helped countless people reach their highest quality of life.”

Dr. ChunduriDr. Jaideep Chunduri,
Orthopedic Surgeon

“Sensible Fitness offers a comprehensive training program, have years of experience and are extremely knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology of the musculoskeletal system. I strongly approve all the protocols used in training and recommend Sensible Fitness.”

Novicki_HeadshotKathleen Novicki
Owner, Sports Therapy Inc.

“Sensible Fitness simply stands alone in the field of personal training. As a Physical Therapist, I recognize their outstanding experience and knowledge which is an attribute very few trainers truly have. For this reason and others, I choose Sensible Fitness.”