Diets are terrible for weight loss.  If you want to gain 5 more pounds, just start the latest trendy weight loss diet.  Here is how it works….

You put yourself on a new diet, and lose weight.  If you were not on a professionally established strength training program, some of the weight you lost was muscle, and this is a bad thing.  Because you cannot live with the weight loss diet forever, a number of weeks later you quit.  When you quit, you eat all the things that you were depriving yourself of. This calorie surplus gets processed into body fat, and you return to the weight you previously were, or maybe even 5 pounds heavier.  The problem is that muscle you lost when improperly dieting.  If you lost 5 pounds of muscle during the diet, and weigh 5 pounds more after you quit the diet, you now are 10 pounds fatter than before.

trainer posing in bodybuilding contestYou cannot live with a diet, because a diet is not a lifestyle.  A diet is temporary.  I used a diet to get to 3% body fat and win the Mr. Ohio competition.  This was a very strict 16-week diet.  And yes, even though I was on an ass-kicking strength training program, I still lost muscle as well.  But that was the price I paid to get even leaner, which enabled every muscle to be seen through my paper-thin skin at the time.  But this diet was not sustainable, and I quit it.  It was a temporary diet, as all diets are.

If you want to control your weight, you need to change your day to day habits.  Your day to day habits can also be referred to as a lifestyle.  A bodybuilding diet is not a lifestyle, and therefore, I did not look like that for long.  But my overall lifestyle is healthy, and that is why I look better than most at my age.  Sensible Fitness can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle with professional accountability and guidance.  But stay away from a diet!  They are the worst for weight loss.

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