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Just you and a highly qualified personal trainer.

Rates start at
$71 per session.

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Semi-private personal training client with personal trainer


A program designed just for you, with huge savings.

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do it yourself workout with dumbbells


We design a custom program that you perform at your own home or gym.

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Sensible Fitness is the closest facility to find an exceptionally qualified personal trainer near Montgomery, Ohio.  Our private facility is owned and operated by a Physical Therapy professional, and we specialize in working with mature adults.  Our extensive education and experience has us working with many orthopedic or other medical issues.

Don’t invest your health and quality of life in a personal trainer that has only passed one test to become “certified”.  Certified does not mean qualified!  Our programs are medically endorsed by our team of medical professionals.  All exercise protocols are designed and approved by our owner, and approved by the medical community.

Because our facility is totally private, you will not see the finger-pointing crowds experienced at all Cincinnati gyms.  Our exclusive facility only has trainers working with clients.  This eliminates the stress and anxiety of walking into a workout facility when you might not be in the best shape.

With each individual having different personal training needs, we have a variety of options to choose from.  People sometimes stick with us for years, while others only come a few sessions or a few weeks to get “jump started”.  We even have a Do It Yourself program, if you simply want to learn a program to do on your own.  Of course we also have nutritional services with a Registered Dietitian, along with a long list of Health Coaching services.

We have been in the same location near Montgomery, Ohio for over 20 years!  Our facility has full shower facilities for both men and women, along with a full line of cardio and strength training equipment, and music of your choice.

Stop looking for a personal trainer near Montgomery, Ohio.
You just found the best!

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