Small group personal training.

Small group personal training in Cincinnati is often called semi-private personal training.  With this, your personal trainer is supervising other people, but really you not with a small group of people.  It is often called semi-private, because you are not side-by-side with strangers doing the same exercises.  We never do an impersonal “assembly line” format of personal training like other Cincinnati gyms.  You are separate and doing your own thing.   Our facility is spacious enough to be intimate, but small enough for the personal trainer to supervise multiple clients executing their custom personal training session.

Small group personal training client exercising
You receive direct supervision with small group training.

What are the benefits of small group personal training?

Savings is the answer to that question!  You get the same custom exercises that you would receive with private personal training, but because the trainer is supervising another, you enjoy substantial savings. 

Trainer with small group exercising

This equates to incredible savings of around $20 per session, or 10-15 extra sessions depending on the size of the personal training package you choose. 

Choosing a personal trainer in Cincinnati.

Many people simply search “personal trainer near me” or “personal trainer near Cincinnati” when looking for a small group environment.  And although this will get you a long list of names, this should not be the way you choose a trainer.

There is absolutely no regulation of the personal training industry in Cincinnati, or in the nation for that matter.  Absolutely anybody can call themselves a personal trainer…and that is scary.

All trainers at Sensible Fitness have certification, insurance, and extensive training.  Our owner, Doug Gibson, is a Physical Therapy professional and he will be the first person you meet at Sensible Fitness.  He will establish the program that is customized to you, and which the personal trainers follow. Your program is designed in relation to your goals, your ability, and your physical/medical limitations if present. 

Dr. Patel is a personal training client

Dr. Sam Patel
“I’m so thankful to have been introduced to Sensible Fitness. They assessed my issues and tailored my personal training to strengthen my problem areas. Since that time, I have become stronger and more pain-free than I have been in years. More importantly, it has allowed me to resume my favorite outdoor activities. I certainly would recommend Sensible Fitness to others.”

Patti after climbing a mountain

Patti M.

“I knew where to go for help- Sensible Fitness!  My experience was life-altering!  I learned the importance of eating right and strengthening my body.  I made lifestyle changes that I adhere to today!  I feel so blessed that I turned to Sensible Fitness for help in getting my life back!”

Results are guaranteed.

If you do not get results, we will happily refund your money.  It is just that simple.  What we do works.  With a personal trainer being on your team, you are assured of getting maximum results.  Your trainer will assure you avoid injury, keep you motivated, and the most important thing…keep you accountable!  Most of our semi-private personal training clients need the accountability more than anything.  You can and will achieve your goals!

~Weight loss

~Muscle toning and sculpting

~Sleep better

~ Feel younger with energy

~ Higher quality of life

~Higher self-esteem.  Just feel better about y0urself.

Hours of semi-private personal training.

Small group personal training at our Blue Ash (a northern suburb of Cincinnati) location is typically offered on weekdays from 6 am – 10 am and 4 pm -7 pm, on Saturday mornings, and some Sunday morning hours.

Money back gaurantee

See if we are right for you.

There are two ways for you to see if we are the right fit for you.

~ Come in for a free consultation.  Simply email a request or call.

~ Try your first session of semi-private training at half price.  Just register!

~ Or better yet, you can do both!  We want you 100% comfortable with your investment.

Personal training costs.

 The cost of small group personal training varies based on whether you are investing in single sessions that start at $60 per session or investing in a larger package of sessions, which start at under $51 per session.

Contact us to register and get started!